Avoid inhaling mist or vapors. DO NOT store in opened or unlabeled containers. owners manual. Run engine with cap off and heater on full to mix coolant and expel air pockets.

Recent Related Searches: Poisonous vapours Inhaling poisonous vapors. coughing, let it happen. Drink lots of water/fluid so that your body can hydrate your secretions well.

Additional performance characteristics of coolants that are affected by the use of antifreeze include boiling point and vapor pressure. Antifreeze decreases vapor pressure, which is very beneficial to the reduction of cavitation.

An antifreeze ingredient -- diethylene glycol -- was found in a Smoking Everywhere cartridge. In addition, nicotine levels varied are inhaling toxic and cancer-causing chemicals, as...

Material Safety Data Sheets show that repeated inhalation of antifreeze fumes may affect the central nervous system. Coma may occur if the inhaled antifreeze fumes were in mist form.

What are the dangers of inhaling antifreeze? The inhalation of the vapors of ethylene glycol can have a serious affect on the brain and nervous system, analogous to the way wood alcohol (methanol) can damage or destroy the op...


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Also beware of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), which contain cancer-causing chemicals and other toxins, including a compound used in antifreeze. or approved by the U.S...

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As temperatures fall, a dose of antifreeze could buy gardeners and growers a little more time and a little more green. before freezing into clear ice.

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Free of supervision or restraint, electronic cigarette manufacturers estimate that every week up to 30,000 more people start inhaling nicotine vapors, nitrosamines and diethylene glycol.

CONTAINS ETHYLENE GLYCOL. Do not drink antifreeze or solution. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. IMMEDIATELY contact a poison control center or physician. Avoid inhaling mist or hot vapors.

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A variety of inhaled substances can have adverse affects on cats. In general, these substances are the same things that would cause . Instead, call your local fire rescue.

If you discharge the contents be very careful: Do not spray near children, animals, or areas of human contact such as playgrounds or gardens. Avoid inhaling the vapors.

exhaling smoke, or any other substance or vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled.” So….. what about oxygen? Can they still do that stuff?

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